Helix Swarm

Video: Watch Swarm Overview 0 Watch Swarm Overview Swarm helps you ship quality software faster. Video: Create a Project 1 Create a Project Projects unify teams with files, branches & activity. Video: Create a Review 2 Create a Review Create a review to get feedback on your work. Video: Collaborate on Reviews 3 Collaborate on Reviews Spread the knowledge of your code and assets.

Swarm enables collaboration and code review for teams using the Helix Versioning Engine, helping ship quality software faster. Review code before or after commit, bring continuous integration into the review, and merge work that passed the review.

This documentation is structured with quickstart topics up front, for anyone experienced with code review but unfamiliar with Swarm, followed by chapters covering Swarm operations including installing and configuring Swarm, basic features, managing projects, code reviews, integrations, Swarm administration, guidance on extending Swarm.


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