What's new in 2017.2

This section provides a summary of the notable changes in Swarm for the 2017.2 release. Full details are available in the distribution's RELNOTES.txt file.

Major new functionality

Performance improvements

The reviews page has had improvements made to the backend to improve the speed of responses, especially when using the various filters. Memory requirements on the server side have been reduced.

File and diff views

Limits have been put in place to reduce the chance of a very large review from crashing the browser by restricting the number of diffs displayed by default. These limits are configurable. The user has the option to view all the diffs in a file if they need to.

See Review queues for details.

Trigger improvements

The trigger script no longer has a dependency on wget or curl. The error handling in the triggers has also been improved.

List reviews with no votes

The review filters now include a filter for reviews you have not voted on.

Minor new functionality

Split project overview and activity

Projects which have a README.md file now have the content of that file displayed in a separate 'Overview' tab. Previously it was shown above the 'Activity' feed. This makes the two easier to find.

Configuration script

Various bug fixes and improvements to the Swarm configuration script.

@mention's search full name

When a user types an @mention, the list of users given is now filtered on both the user id and full name, making users easier to find.

Known limitations

Access Control

Swarm maintains a variety of information in the Helix Versioning Engine's keys facility. By default, users with list-level privileges can read these keys, which can include comments that contain excerpts of code they may not normally have access to.

The Helix Versioning Engine, version 2013.1/659207 or higher, has a configuration setting to require admin-level privileges for access to read and write keys. See Hiding Swarm storage from regular users.

Task Stream Reviews

Pre-commit reviews in a task stream are not yet supported.